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Quire is a human-centered design practice founded on the simple idea that people are the heart of any organization.

By understanding consumers, organizations can develop products, programs and services that naturally fit into their customers’ lives. Through ethnographic research and design strategy, we connect you with consumers early in your development process so you gain an in-depth understanding of what makes them tick. We'll help you turn that knowledge into a growth strategy to guide your team. 

Our approach helps organizations use their scarce resources more efficiently. Above all, it proves that great ideas can come from anywhere.

The most challenging problem your organization faces doesn’t have to be solved in a conference room. Transformative ideas can be found at kitchen table, in a grocery store aisle, on a school playground and beyond. 




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What is Human-Centered Design?

When most companies look to innovate, the customer is the last thing on their mind. The capabilities of the staff, the influence of the boss, the expectations of shareholders, the demands of retailers, the skills of competitors all take their turn driving the process. Once the dust settles, only then do sales and marketing try to get the customer on board. Human-Centered Design turns all of that on its head. It begins with people - understanding who they are, how they live and what they love/hate/tolerate. That insight becomes the true north for the project, allowing success to be measured by how well we meet the needs of the end user through what what we make. Why do we work this way? Because it's better for organizations and better for customers. When unified around the needs of the customer, teams create better products and services that have inherent worth, meaning and value to their audience. That translates into better outcomes for your bottom line. And that's better for everyone. 


Our approach.

qualitative research 

We use qualitative research to uncover the problem the customer is asking us to solve. Stepping into their environment shows us how people live in ways that are difficult to communicate in words, yet essential in building solutions that can have a place in their lives.

design strategy

Information is only the first step. We move from knowledge to meaning in order to help your team members know how to move forward in ways that matter to your customers. 

iterative implementation

Through a cycle of testing and learning, we'll help your team work through the early stages of development in order to identify the must haves that will make your concept a true success. 


Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.
— Charles Eames


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